I remember stumbling around this site a while back but I wasn't really into climbing then. Now I try to go bouldering when I can and buildering occasionally. I actually stumbled back on this page looking for more information on Guy and John whom I read about in a paper in La Mascotte a few weeks ago. I'm sure that I knew John from Res or class and I was trying to figure out where I knew him from. So after procrastinating from my Masters thesis for a few hours last night reading Guy's bio and this forum my buddy thrust and I decided to go do some buildering. We started with the roof of the Forestry Sciences Center which is pretty easy to get to from the top of one of the stair wells. That provided some excellent views of the end of the sunset (thrust is still working on getting the pictures up). Then thrust did the adjacent Center for Advanced Wood processing, I chickened out because there were too many people around and the ascent is more exposed than FSC. Then on the way to the bus we decided to check out the Oceanography dyno problem and the tank mentioned in Guy's bio. We found the Oceanography problem after thrust had blown both the tires on his BMX trying to go up some stairs. Thrust did it without dyno'ing, I couldn't make it up because my back was too stiff from a long hike on the weekend. But I did have fun jumping from the wall on the stairs to the nicely trimmed bouncy bushes next to them.

Thanks for all the useful info here ardarvin.