Last night I was climbing and found this really nice crimpy route. The only problem was that it was on a church. I stood there and wondered if “he’d” get pissed. My way about it is god created humor, so therefor he must posses it himself. Buildering a large church doesn’t really seem blasphemous (if I spelled it right). So I went ahead and climbed it.

So what are your thoughts on what should or shouldn’t be climbed?

Most people wouldn’t stop to consider the morality of climbing on a church. So good on you I suppose.

As far as the “legality” in the Big Man’s eyes, it depends on whether we’re talking New Testament or Old Testament times. If we were living in the Old Testament, God would’ve struck your uncircumcised ass dead and cursed your family for four generations. According to the bible, God actually lived in the church back then. I suppose churches were cooler places to hang out in back then — definitely more gold and chairs made of exotic woods. He had a special room at the back called the “holiest of the holies.” The Jews tied ropes around their ankles when they had to go in there for some reason. If God struck them dead for some reason, next duder certainly wasn’t going in for extraction.

These days churches are located in mini-malls and have as much soul as the dollar store next to it, so God prefers to hang in heaven. He couldn’t care less about your act of desecration.