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buildering is just bouldering
buildering is potentially dangerous and possibly illegal
buildering is generally not considered to be legal by campus police
buildering is just something he does for fun and to keep in shape
buildering is height dependent
buildering is for the bored
buildering is not allowed
buildering is a sport for climbers like myself who can’t make it to the gym much less real rocks
buildering is actually a descendant of the word bouldering
buildering is not legal or authorized here
buildering is
buildering is a great way to have fun
buildering is the name of the game
buildering is starting to look really good
buildering is on the inside walls of the courtyard
buildering is great
buildering is unspoken
buildering is also a passion of mine
buildering is an art
buildering is a more recent phenomenon in climbing

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ardarvin is a vancouver based builderer

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