I Think I was buildering at work today.  I am not sure though.  If I was then I think I need a new name for this type of buildering.  You see, right now my job is to scrape the grease off of giant 3 story high shovels and drills at a coal mine.  Yes, yes, I know… why would I want this sh*t job?  Because it affords me the opportunity to "builder" on objects not many people get a chance to.  Its like industrial exploring and buildering in one, not only do I climb on the outsides but I also have to climb up into the belly of these house sized machines.  Its kinda like climbing up the inside of a chimney.  Today was my second day at this job and while I was climbing around I couldnt help but think about this website and buildering in general.  The climbing isnt all that technical but the elements (snow, grease, coal dust,…)  and explsure in general really make it interesting.  Anyways… I think I am going to call what I was doing Machinering… no wait… that sounds lame.  I will think of something better…. let me get back to you guys. :p