I’m new to buildering and I want to know if there is much of an arrest risk.  

Do you have any stories of police doing more than eating donuts at the police station?

Unfortunately (?) I have never been caught. However, this is a frequent question here.

Check out the “outpatients” story; where some friends got caught, but weren’t charged. I do know your outcome depends greatly on your circumstances and attitude. If you look professional and have a nice demeanor, chances are you’ll just walk away from the incident. It also depends on the attitude of your local law enforcement dept.

Common charges are trespassing and public endangerment, both apparently easily dismissed with a good lawyer. Mischief is another charge, which usually sticks, although is a misdemeanor.

A man was recently caught rappelling off the Lion’s Gate bridge and convicted of mischief. The main reason he was convicted was because he landed on a cruise ship, bonked his melon, and basically was a dufus.

Anyways, I’m talking out my arse. Some first hand experience would be good here.