What!?! Two new buildering books in the same month? That’s like…like…ahh crap I can’t think of a good analogy, but ya know like really rare eh?!

I received a bit of flack over last week’s LA Climbs review, so I decided to follow it up with another book. It’s a good book, by a nice boy. I feel good. You feel good. We all fall down together.

If you don’t know who Captain Defecto is, then check the gallery. He’s a long time buildering.net contributor, and has bigger balls than any of us, so do him a favour and send him a little love. Here’s what Defecto had to say about the book:

-it’s currently selling for twenty five bucks, after fifty are sold the price will go up to thirty dollars (USD). postage is not included.

-the book consists of 100 pages (black and white with 12 full page photos along with maps and local artwork)

-it includes every building on the university campus as of June of 2003.

-building histories are included for every structure

-all descriptions have been checked and confirmed by the author for their authenticity.

-to purchase the book, please contact captain defecto at jameserous@hotmail.com

Defecto then went on to tell me that he spent the last two nights in king county jail for buildering. “So i’m laying low on the buildering for now. I’ll come out of hiding after my probation runs up, 86 days from now.” What more can I say? It’s time to give back.