[photo: A fine specimen of the crap I search through on Google.]

Sorry about the delinquency on the postings. Summer is here and I’m having a really hard time spending my time indoors.

So here I am, it’s Friday and I’m desperately searching for what is new in the world of buildering. I must say it isn’t as easy a task as it used to be. When I first started up this website back in 2001, a google search for buildering brought up 72 results. Now there are 4760. Back then, the term “buildering” was only used by a select few active builderers, so any google hit likely procured rewarding results. Now the term appears in every forum, newspaper, magazine, and personal website, and unfortunately these links are rarely rewarding. So I’m forced to come up with some original material… of which I have none. Not this week kiddies. I’ve been too busy riding my motorcycle.

So go climb something and send me a picture.