[photo: Defecto. April 2003. UofW.]

Captain Defecto has been sending me some sick pictures recently, check em out: https://www.buildering.net/old/gallery/worldwide . He’s from the University of Washington, which appears to have a very active buildering community. I’ve met at least five or six builderers from U of W, which in buildering terms is a veritable multitude. Defecto has authored a guidebook for the area entitled “The Urban Adventurer’s Handbook to The University of Washington”, which should be available (hard copy only) in the near future. If you’re from the area and want a copy, lemme know and I’ll put you in touch with him.

Right now Cap D is touring London, Spain, and the rest of Europe looking for things to climb. He promises that he’s taking buildering photos of every city he passes through in Europe, and that he’ll send me the good ones. Can’t wait.