So I’m working on an Alain Robert interview. Hold on a sec — my roommate bugs me for starting my stories with “so”. People do this in conversation all the time. It’s used when we’re trying to introduce some new topic and make it flow with the topic beforehand.

So, like I was saying, I’m working on an Alain Robert interview. I’ve got a translator, a list of questions, now all I need is for him to agree to it.

During my research, I came across some gems on the dictionary section of his website. Surely we have ESL to thank for this goodness:

  • Bottle: to have the bottles, it is to have the inflated front armlevers of lactic acid, i.e. to be with its muscular stress limit.
  • Pork rind: short but difficult way.
  • Gas: name given to the vacuum surrounding the climbing one, air becoming like palpable.
  • Magnesia: to take magnesia, also used by the gymnastes to drain the hands and to obtain a better adherence, remains the gesture fetish for the free climbing.
  • Morphological: says itself of a movement where the two only catches are particularly distant, making the passage much more difficult, even sometimes unrealizable for the small ones.
  • Bolt: in climbing, certain cracks make it possible to lock the fingers, the fists or the feet, by a simple mechanical effect of jamming.

I’m not sure whether Morphological is referring to offwidths, chimneys, or huge dynos, but I think I’ll use it to describe pretty much everything I climb from this point on.