[photo: The reckless Blue Devil corrupting the minds of our youth. (p) Ard.]

A few weeks ago I displayed some parkour photos at a gallery. Most people were very positive. One person refused to believe the photos were real, telling his girlfriend, “there are mats just outside the shot.” But the best response I got all day was from a concerned father and his son:

Concerned father (to me): Great, now my kids are going to want to go kill themselves.

Me: Ha ha.

Concerned father: Showing these photos is irresponsible. You are encouraging my kids to go out and do dangerous things.

Me: Oh you’re serious. I’m not encouraging anyone to do anything. I’m showing how this activity is practiced by trained professionals. I would never tell someone unfamiliar to parkour to do these things.

Son (looking at dad for approval): This guy here (points to a photo), and this guy here, and this guy here…they are all going to DIE.

I feel bad for them. It’s a fate worse than death to live thinking all possibly dangerous activities are reckless and irresponsible, and to condemn the achievements of others instead of being excited for them. That poor, poor kid. Way to raise a future drug addict dad.