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Life as a Villain. From dirt bikes to buildering, redneck tips to hep musings; it’s the music, stories, and people that make up La Villa household.

#19 – Sep 18, 2007 – Issue 19: ’53 to Infinity <<photos and tracklist>>

Welcome the new Villains: Art, John, Elizabeth, and Relic. New faces, same ol’ bullsh’t.

#Bonus – Aug 17, 2007 – AK45: Camp 8 Mix <<photos and tracklist>>

You know…for kids.

#Bonus – Jul 07, 2007 – AK45: 07/07/07 Mix <<photos and tracklist>>

Spiritual Funk/Soul/Rock/Jazz

#18 – Jul 03, 2007 – Issue 18: Urban Hunting <<photos and tracklist>>

People suck. Rise above: be a Villain.

#17 – Jun 06, 2007 – Issue 17: Strippers and Burnouts <<photos and tracklist>>

We probably should’ve turned the new roommate search into a reality TV show: "Making La Villa". Tune in to hear who won.

#16 – Apr 18, 2007 – Issue 16: Ward B. Is Captain America <<photos and tracklist>>

Crash-up derbies, singing scientists, girlfriends, moms, live music, and Alvin and the Chipmunks go feral. Over 70 minutes of solid listening entertainment.

#15 – Apr 18, 2007 – Issue 15: Life is a Highway <<photos and tracklist>>

Whip sings, AK45 spins, Rednecks and Scientists.

#14 – Feb 22, 2007 – Issue 14: Say Hello Gary <<photos and tracklist>>

Our longest hiatus yet. Don’t be too mad, we’ve got plenty of new features this issue and a very special guest: Gary.

#13 – Dec 20, 2006 – Issue 13: Merry Christmas <<photos and tracklist>>

Be sure to look both ways before crossing the street this holiday season.

#12 – Oct 18, 2006 – Issue 12: Bollywood Swingin’ <<photos and tracklist>>

J-J-Jam packed with Villainous goodness. Do it for Rodney.

#11 – Sep 25, 2006 – Issue 11: Now With More Thetans! <<photos and tracklist>>

But this one goes to eleven, it’s one louder.

#10 – Sep 11, 2006 – Issue 10: LVR Party <<photos and tracklist>>

A live recording of the #10 LVR Party, and oh was it a gooder. Thanks everyone who made it out, and for making it special. We love you guys.

#9.5 – Aug 28, 2006 – Issue 9.5: Half Assed <<photos and tracklist>>

A quick issue since Ard’s been away at camp for the last week.

#9 – Aug 15, 2006 – Issue 9: La Diggers <<photos and tracklist>>

Dedicated to the art of beat digging.

#8 – Jul 30, 2006 – Issue 8: TC in La House <<photos and tracklist>>

A couple surprise guests in the studio this week, more Redneck 101, Keddie sounds, and families are the new homos.

#7 – Jul 16, 2006 – Issue 7: I Wanna Rock <<photos and tracklist>>

An uptempo number.

#6 – Jul 02, 2006 – Issue 6: Sweet Summer Soul <<photos and tracklist>>

Summer has arrived in full force, so join us and Tom Cruise out on La Villa patio, whilst listening to the best of summer tunes…then go shoot the neighbors with your newly built potato gun.

#5 – Jun 18, 2006 – Issue 5: Anti Substance Abuse <<photos and tracklist>>

Hating on all things mind-altering, Tom Cruise is a wizened old man, buildering philosophy with Kenny, and a very Twa surprise.

#4 – Jun 04, 2006 – Issue 4: Ard’s New Girl <<photos and tracklist>>

The triumphant return of Lyallstyle, true hollywood stories with Jeffro, key lime pie and we’re not high.

#3 – May 28, 2006 – Issue 3: Affordable Spanners <<photos and tracklist>>

M-m-m-ore buildering content (seriously this time), D-man’s back, SteveZ laughs like the fish guy from Return of the Jedi, and bargain hunting with Keddie.

#2 – May 14, 2006 – Issue 2: Little Known Facts <<photos and tracklist>>

D-man’s got a new feature, AK45 wears a cape, more Tom Cruise, more live music, and some polka.

#1 – May 07, 2006 – Issue 1: Welcome to La Villa <<photos and tracklist>>

Music by AK45, a visit with Keddie from Keddie’s Picks, live music from the LVR band, a random Tom Cruise quote, and how to stay awake during nightshifts by Lyallstyle.

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