Bouldering amongst the buildings.

John Frankland boulder

It's big. And it's down the road.

A few months ago, I was chatting to a guy called John down at Mile End Climbing Wall (London, UK) when he mentioned that he was planning on bringing two massive boulders all the way from Cornwall, and putting them in two parks in east London as part of an art project. Part of me assumed that this was probably some grand, over-ambitious idea and would never happen - but what an idea. Read more... ...

Photos Are Better With Parkour is my little escape from the idiocy that is the world of parkour on the internet.  No one really knows I post here, so I can whinge and moan and ...
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Adidas parkour shoe.

I tried a pair on yesterday and even though i didn't get to road test them, they are pretty damn impressive.  The layer of 'Stealth' rubber a...

Hello from London

Hey guys.  Recently started to take an interest in buildering for a number of reasons and thought I'd look up Ardarvin and  Two reasons primaril...



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