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Shanghai Tower (650m)

Vadim Makhorov, "Hello all from the world's biggest city – Shanghai. For about a month Raskalov Vitaliy and I are ...

UBC Sessions Back On

Messing around on Chan. p. Mayumi When: 7:30pm, every Tuesday unless rain. Where: Meet in basement of Student Union Building, right here. What: Fun for...

Ukrainia, fuck yeah!

mustang Little known fact: I'm Ukrainian. 100%. Although something like 3rd generation Canadian if you want to get all technical. My grandparents on both sides of the family emigrated from Kiev. I'm extremely proud of my purebred pedigree, so if you know me in real life this is old news. So understandably I'm all puffed up after seeing these amazing pictures by Mustang, a Kiev based builderer. Holy fucking shit Batman! Run, don't walk, over to his site There's lots of video content, photos, and despite the language barrier it's obvious he's a genuinely nice guy. All he wants for a sponsorship is some damn headphones! [Continue reading for more pics] ...

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