After we threw the guys from Durham into the spotlight and showered them with fame, the media requests came flooding in. Responding to an enquiry from Epic TV, they jumped on a train to London and explored the city with a couple of the locals, intent on downgrading a few of the capital’s toughest problems.

(Let it be noted that no-one got anywhere near the crux of Amor Fati. Maybe it was too wet or something.)

As usual, the real joy is in the YouTube comments, mostly made by people who weren’t held enough as a child, or perhaps were held too much and then dropped. “Hipster scum” screamed one commenter. We would take this abuse seriously but we note that the user is a football fan and has previously uploaded a video of his mate snorting wasabi.

The most profound comment comes from user ‘rock climbing33’:

Be careful, have fun buildering is fun but dangerous

Valuable, valuable advice. Thank you, rock climbing33. Keep it coming, though perhaps with some punctuation next time.

Only one viewer has so far picked up on the irony of taking a train from the north of England (full of rocks), past some of the UK’s best crags, all the way to London to climb mossy riverbanks in the rain. Well done, sir.

Our favourite, however:

I really hope to see less of this content on the channel…

Ouch. Words can hurt, you know.

(P.S. Despite its hugely confusing name, Epic TV is an online store that sells climbing stuff. Weird.)