Chuck and Josh from the popular Stuff You Should Know podcast dove into the world of buildering today with How Buildering Works.

Aight, I don my robe and hater cap and audit with impish glee. Self-confessed outsiders, they can’t possibly present the subject accurately. After a full listen, all I can say is — nice fuckin’ work. Besides calling Vancouver, Canada, “The ‘Couve” (ick,…not a thing), the podcast is surprisingly accurate and, daresay, entertaining.

Of course they focus on the sensational human-fly aspect too much, but they treat it with its deserved irreverence. They give credit to early Cambridge buildering roots, with a lovely quote: “college students have always been college students.” The current night climbing scene is either missed or ignored, which is appreciated — it can live without the spotlight.

A special thanks to Chuck and Josh for coming out on the right side of history with the Ryan Hartley “suicide.” I’m sure the family appreciates it, and I’m flattered that they scanned in their research.