Blogger.com's FTP fiasco.

Hoping that ard might be able to offer some thoughts. And maybe some others too.

Here's how kiell.com works:

The homepage is index.php. This file is essentially a list of php_includes that brings together other php files that contain the logo and menu across the top, the links to galleries down the side, and the blog content below.

The blog content is a file called news.php - http://www.kiell.com/phlog/news.php. When I update, I go to blogger.com's dashboard, write some new content, and it updates: blogger.com logs in to my server via FTP and overwrites with the updated version of news.php. Simples.

Rather helpfully, blogger.com are removing FTP functionality as they reckon it's a pain in the ass to maintain and only 0.5% of their bloggers use it. I've got 6 weeks to find an alternative.

So. The search begins. Wordpress looks to be the best option. The great thing about blogger was that I didn't have to install any CMS - this was all done through blogger's site. I'm not sure how easy it will be to port the old content into Wordpress, even though there are various tools to make this happen. My main concern is that getting it to produce a really stripped out php file will be tricky - news.php is mainly text with a little bit of html to position images and paragraphs.

Thought would be very, very welcome. Cheers all.



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05 February 2010

My 2 cents is to use Drupal but perhaps I'm biased. I did give Wordpress a whirl and didn't like it, but I was by no means a power user on it. I hear Joomla is a little more user-friendly than Drupal.

>The great thing about blogger was that I didn't have to install any CMS

Yes, you would have to install Drupal onto your server, but it is relatively painless.

>port the old content into Wordpress, even though there are various tools to make this happen.

Yup, this is KEY.

I always run tech ideas by my web guru Owen. I'll point him to this post, hopefully he can chime in.

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05 February 2010

Nice one. Have had a quick look at drupal and joomla and done a bit of reading: http://www.goodwebpractices.com/other/wordpress-vs-joomla-vs-drupal.html

This is where I am at the moment:


Next step is to figure out how to strip that page down to what blogger was producing. ie:


Cheers for the thoughts, more definitely welcome. :)

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08 February 2010

Heya Kiell,

Don't know much about wordpress unfortunately, but did find this tutorial on theming it. From the look of your old site and the default WP theme, doesn't look too bad (more like just losing a few of the WP elements).

I can probably help with random "how I do this in CSS/HTML" questions, but WP specific things I'm largely in the dark on.

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09 February 2010

Owen: Cheers for that tutorial, looks really useful. Currently trying to get xampp to work on this machine so that i can start fiddling. My understanding of how I can use Wordpress has changed somewhat - hopefully I can rebuild the homepage and incorporate elements of wordpress, as opposed to taking an template and trying to bash it into shape. It probably means breaking a lot of the shoddy CSS I did 5 years ago, but I can tweak all of that later on.